Passive Marker Pegs

Optobit's passive marker pegs for different underground line structures. Marker peg can be put vertically into the ground or mounted with special holder to multiduct or straight joint. Detection can be made with standard equipment. Detection range when mounted vertically is 1,5-2m. Under 45° detection range is at least 1m.

Our NEW developed XL-marker Peg include different duct holders, were you click in your duct on the top of the marker peg, see below.

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Telecommunication cables 101,4 kHz


Marker peg Yellow.png

Gas pipelines 83,0 kHz


Sewage pipelines 121,6 kHz


Electrical Power 169,8 kHz


Water pipelines 145,7 kHz


Marker peg holder


xl-marker peg incl. duct holders

Telecommunication cables 101,4 kHz

Duct holder sizes available:

7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm